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Special Needs Planning

From One Special Needs Family to Another

From One Special Needs Family to Another

We have first-hand knowledge of the challenges and the joys that can come from caring for a love one with special needs. Our planning process was designed through our expertise in wealth management and tax planning and the personal experience of providing for a sibling with an intellectual disability.

Whether you’re just starting your family, or you’ve recently taken guardianship of a love one, we can help you navigate the complex, and often costly, world of special needs planning.

Our Multi-Generational Planning Process Includes:

  • Understanding the goals you have for yourself and your special needs family member
  • Developing a Life Plan for the individual with special needs
  • Identifying gaps between personal benefits and government benefits
  • Providing support and resources
  • Reviewing your financial means and expenses
  • Developing investment, insurance and tax strategies to fill those gaps
  • Working with attorneys to implement a special needs trust
  • Planning for a comfortable retirement for you and your family member
  • Meeting periodically to ensure you’re still on track and have the support you and your family need

One thing we have learned along the way — it’s critical to start planning as soon as possible to minimize the financial implications of caring for a family member with special needs.

Let’s talk today about how we can help.

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