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Tax and Accounting Services

Client collaboration

Client Collaboration

Payroll processing, tax planning and tax preparation play a critical role in the long-term success of your business and your personal financial plan. At KHA we collaborate with our clients to identify financial advantages and opportunities throughout the tax filing process.

Our CPAs stay current on the tax laws that affect you individually, as well as your business, and we're committed to examining all the tax-saving opportunities available.

                                                  Tax and Accounting services include:                                                              Ÿ  

                                                   Ÿ  Individual Tax Preparation and Planning

                                                   Ÿ  Business and Corporate Taxes

                                                   Ÿ  Small Business Accounting Services

                                                   Ÿ  Income, Gift and Estate Tax Returns

                                                 Payroll services include:     

                                                   Ÿ  Payroll Processing

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US Small Business Administration

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