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Ashton D. Melchert, CPA

Ashton D. Melchert, CPA

Certified Public Accountant, Financial Advisor


Ironically, when in high school I would often say, “I don’t do math.” Of course, the obvious question that follows is, why did I become an accountant?  In reality, accounting isn’t about adding a series of numbers in my head.  But rather, interpreting complex tax law, preparing a client-specific tax argument and presenting it to the IRS or state government with confidence and conviction.

I learned of Kathryn and the firm while attending undergraduate school.  She was a guest speaker in one of my accounting courses.  Our bonding moment:  she spoke about golf (My mom taught me to play when I was 12; and while I mostly play in annual charity outings, I LOVE the game and can still get a few decent hits in!)  Not long after this initial introduction, I was graduating and contacted Kathryn for employment.

While working full-time for Kathryn, I continued my education and went on to graduate with my Master’s degree, sit for and pass the CPA exam as well as obtain the FINRA series 66 and FINRA series 7 licenses in order to provide the comprehensive tax planning our clients expect and deserve.

Today, I share ownership of the firm, am a Certified Public Accountant and a financial advisor.   


Spearheading the accounting and tax services is my primary role within our firm.  Beyond the surge-work that is tax season, at the onset of the calendar year, I come alongside our business clients to assist with their monthly accounting activities.  Providing ongoing analysis and projections that empower the entrepreneurs with whom we work to make decisions and grow their respective businesses is truly the most rewarding part of my role within the practice.


The perspective I take on business is always client-side.  I try to put myself in the position of the client to ensure - as a firm - we are providing the services and offering the conveniences I would want from my accountant or financial planner.

On a personal level, I am family centric.  Family, friends, and community mean everything to me.  My husband and I make it a habit to support local businesses and take part in the events hosted in our community.  I am fortunate to have 9 cousins within 5 years of age.  Several of my family members get together three times a year for “crafting retreats”.  To stay present with family and friends during COVID, I started hosting virtual game and movie nights!


COVID changed life for everyone in 2020 and 2021 – my personal story is that my mom bravely fought and beat COVID.  Since we couldn’t always be together in person, we spent a lot of time together virtually.  She even taught me how to crochet over facetime! 

Travel is one of my favorite pastimes. I think I got the “travel bug” when I was selected for the People to People Student Ambassador program in middle school and was given the opportunity to travel to Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks when I was only 12! 

Since then, I’ve continued to travel, though not quite so far from home.  For reasons I can’t exactly explain, Boston, Massachusetts is possibly my favorite place to visit domestically.  The destination of our first trip was to tour the Samuel Adams Brewery and we recently took the Amtrak to visit!  I’d honestly love to live there – if it wasn’t so expensive!

My husband – Bob – and I have adopted two “exotic” cats over the years.  Bruno is a Savannah – our “chatty” boy always has a story to tell you!  Ralphie is our Bengal.  We adopted him as a kitten and he knows he’s the baby! Ask me about the cat wheel…


  • FINRA Series 66
  • FINRA Series 7
  • Life Insurance Certification
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • The Keller Graduate School of Management – Master of Business Administration in Accounting
  • DeVry University – Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Magna Cum Laude